20 Uses for a Nalgene

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20 Uses for a Nalgene

Single-use water bottles are not only wasteful and bad for the environment, but they are also just that- single use. Recently, we asked our employees to come up with a list of all the possible uses they have for a reusable Nalgene bottle aside from just drinking out of it. We received a ton of answers and some of them were pretty out there (seriously, our employees have done some weird things with Nalgenes). Without further ado, here is our list of the 20 best uses we received.

1) First Aid Kit- Keep your medical supplies together and dry.

2) Tent Pee Bottle- When it's too cold or too much work to get out of your tent at night but you need to relieve yourself.

3) Food Container- Save a ziplock bag by storing food in your extra bottle.

4) Nails, Nuts, & Bolts Storage- We've all got those miscellaneous nuts and bolts that no longer have their original packaging but we refuse to throw them away because someday they might be exactly what is needed.

5) Message in a Bottle- Hopefully you're never stranded on a desert island and this use is just for fun with friends.

6) Fire Starter Kit- Keep various kindling dry and ready to start a fire in any conditions.

7) Rolling Pin- If your kitchen is too small to keep a big, wooden pin in it just for the occasional rolling of dough.

8) Cookie Cutter- If round cookies are all you crave then you are set.

9) Geocaching- Insert a logbook, pen, and some tchotchkes, bury it, and post the coordinates.

10) Hot Water Bottle Heater- Snuggle up with a bottle of hot water at night for radiant warmth. 

11) Hammer Tent Stakes- There's not always a rock around when you're setting up camp.

12) Lantern- Wrap a headlamp so that the light points in to the bottom of your bottle.

13) Ice Pack- Fill it up with some ice and ease those injuries.

14) Muscle Roller- Roll out your muscles wherever you are.

15) Waterproof Container- It doesn't just keep water in, it also keeps it out.

16) Washing Clothes- Clean your socks and undies on the go with some soapy water and some good shaking.

17) Vase- Glass breaks. Give your flowers a safer home.

18) Toothbrush Holder- Keep those bristles clean.

19) Winter Car Kit- Keep some small essentials like an emergency blanket, mini flashlight, handwarmers, and more together in case of a roadside emergency.

20) Weight for Bear Bag- Tie a line to your bottle with some weight in it and chuck it over a branch for raising your food bag out of bears' reach.

What did we leave out? Let us know your alternate use for a Nalgene in the comments!

August 12, 2019
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