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This is Grivel

Grivel is excited to share their brand story in a way they never had before. This cinematic film tells the story of Grivel's past, present, and future. They believe everyone chooses what to surround themselves with, in their own style, feeling respect for the mountains in their own way.

October 4, 2021

This is Grivel - About the Film

In 2020, Grivel defined their positioning, as well as their mission, vision and slogan: To each their own. They have now made a short film, which is in their view the best way to communicate all this. In their opinion, this is the best fit with today’s communication: internet, social media, low attention, busy schedules. To make this film, they have gone beyond their borders, and wanted to find a new way, a new fresh look and a new language, involving a team of people from cinema! Learn more about the making of This is Grivel.

October 4, 2021