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Liberty Mountain and Muc-Off Team Up to Donate Hand Sanitizer

When COVID-19 hit early this year, Muc-Off pivoted some of their manufacturing away from bike cleaning and maintenance products to create an antibacterial range of products. They wanted to "actively play our part in fighting back against the coronavirus by deploying our agility and innovative ethos to the max." They've been donating products all over the world, including the recent donations for us to distribute in the Salt Lake valley.

August 12, 2020

What Should I Pack for Mountain Biking?

Knowing what to bring along with you on a mountain bike ride isn't the most intuitive thing for newer riders. As with many outdoor activities, there's a certain amount of trial and error that comes with getting your system dialed in. In an effort to reduce the learning curve, here's a guide to some of the items you should consider adding to your riding pack.

July 7, 2020