The Dogs of Liberty Mountain

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The Dogs of Liberty Mountain

We love pets at Liberty Mountain, so to celebrate National Dog Day this year, we're going to share with you a few of our furry friends for your viewing pleasure. Say hello to the dogs of Liberty Mountain! 


Meet Waylon! He’s my adventure dog and could out hike me on any given day. He hates the rain, being cold, trash bags, and laundry baskets. He loves to be outside or just lay in the sun. He must always have a blanket to sleep on, if not, he will find the softest spot possible! On a normal day at home, you can catch him staring at the birds at the feeder or snoozing on the couch. He’s definitely a Velcro Vizsla and if you know the breed, you’ll know what I’m talking about!!

- April Kamaka, Sales


Meet Lance. A Border Collie Lab mix who hails from a farm somewhere in southern Utah, Lance is a working dog by nature but has successfully learned the way of the couch potato in recent years. Lance found his way into my life at the ripe young age of nine months old and has been attached to me, perhaps unhealthily so, for the subsequent five-plus years. He has a contagious enthusiasm for all activities just as long as it’s not too hot out. If he’s not running up mountains with me, you can find him digging holes in the yard, chewing on an antler, destroying (sometimes catching) a frisbee, or passed out on his back - absolutely dead to the world. 

- Jon Allen, Buying 


Benford (Benny) Boots is a mega-mutt. He was rescued from the mean streets Roswell, New Mexico, 5 years ago. At the time I was looking for a dog to go running with me, and even though I went to look at another dog, he ended up coming home with me. His hobbies include people watching, guarding against threatening characters (UPS delivery), and running on trails. Anything in the mountains wins points for him, but he won’t say no to a stroll at the park. At the end of the day, Benny loves to get cozy by arranging blankets and pillows into the perfect nest to unwind and relax. Benny loves comfort, and while he gets dragged along on camping trips, he much prefers the comfort of his dog bed indoors. Together we’ve traveled to the Grand Canyon, Red Rocks, Notch Peak, hot springs, reservoirs and spent countless hours on the trails in the Wasatch and Uintas.

His personal bests include:

-13 mile trail run
-Mount Olympus and Notch Peak summits
-Ski touring
-Mountain biking without trying to eat other bikers

- Becca Welch, Accounting


Daisy is a Britney Spaniel mixed with an Australian Shepherd who has a taste for the finer things in life. She enjoys eating fresh sourdough bread off the kitchen counter and long belly rubs on the couch. However, don’t let that side of her fool you, she loves to get covered in dirt on hikes and chase any animals she finds along the way. She takes her job of patrolling the backyard very seriously and is usually found scaring off rodents or taking a quick break to sunbathe before a squirrel comes along. But most of all her favorite thing is to cuddle and get lots of love from anyone she meets. She is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy.

Bear is a Springer Spaniel who refuses to grow up. He is always assumed to be a young pup because of his high energy and happy smile, but this little guy is 10 years old! While he may be slowing down in his older years, back in his heyday he could outrun any dog he came across and was referred to as the fastest dog in the west. His favorite things are swimming in mountain lakes or rivers and weaving through bushes flushing out whatever he can find. He loves to show off all his tricks to new friends including shaking with both paws, rolling over, and a spin-jump he has worked very hard at. He never shy’s away from giving kisses, maybe too many in most instances.

- Bridget Miller, Marketing


This is my dog, Sydney. I’ve had her since she was a pup, and she will be turning 5 in October (2021). She has been my best buddy through three moves across three states and across the country. She’s always a bit timid and scared of new things at first, but she loves being out hiking, swimming, and especially loves the snow! She’s a pro at napping on the couch, but she also jumps at the opportunity to go out for an adventure. She likes playing with her best buddy and doppelganger, Goose. When he is not free for a playdate, Sydney just entertains herself with her frisbee. When we return from our outings, she enjoys munching on a celebratory ice cube.

- Jen Hilterman, Sales


Kona and Oakley are my 2 red huskies. They may look the same but very different! Kona is independent and is very relaxed almost always. Oakley is the younger of the two, super spunky and always asking for attention. Typical husky behavior, they love to get into trouble together and explore everything which keeps me on my toes and forced to explore with them! 

- Chelsey Whyte, Sales


These are my dogs: Linus and Clover.

Clover: She’s a 13 year old hound mix named after the Vermont state flower, the red clover.  She used to be a full on mountain dog, but, after suffering a spinal injury and subsequent surgery, she mainly spends her days sleeping on the couch and barking at anything (real or not real) that comes anywhere near our house.  She really dislikes the mailman.  Clover’s lifetime achievements include treeing a black bear in Vermont, ending the lives of several squirrels, the doggy FKT of The Great Range Traverse in New York’s Adirondacks, summiting several 4th class peaks throughout the west, and consuming 3lbs of pulled pork in less than 10 minutes.  She’ll steal any unattended food, but will also steal your heart with her sweet and gentle demeanor.  She’s enjoying retirement, but despises the cone she’s had to wear for the last 8 months due to a paw wound she won’t leave alone.

Linus: He’s a 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Black and Tan Coonhound mix.  His mother is a farm dog and his father is a large game hunting dog.  He’s a ball of energy who, at a young age, learned to crush it in the mountains.  His favorite Wasatch peak is Gobblers Knob and, in his short time on this earth, has already summited the mountain a dozen times.  He enjoys playing Frisbee and fetching balls.  Linus is a real dog’s dog and can keep up with the best of them in spirited games of chase and grapple.  He looks forward to the day where he is trained enough to be an off leash mountain dog so he can go on trail runs with his mom and dad without causing terrible mental anguish and stress.  He doesn’t understand why he can’t sleep on the bed, but tries every single night.  Linus has a lot to learn, but is smart, though distracted, and has a lot of potential to be the world’s next stand out mountain athlete.

- David Mitchell, Buying


This is Waylon, he is a Yellow Labrador that is now 1 year old. He is a very happy dog that loves meeting new people and making new dog friends. He will definitely overwhelm you with his love, affection, and need for attention. His favorite activities are: hiking, swimming, playing fetch, destroying stuffed animals, and eating food.

- Riley Elliott, Sales


Millie Porter
Age 4
Weight 103, but who’s keeping track

Millie is an outdoor lover at heart. Give her a good trail to explore and her family and she’s as happy as can be. Her size could be intimidating to some, but she is a big old sweetie who just wants to make her family happy and loves everyone she meets.

- Nicole Porter, Sales



He is a two year old purebred chocolate Labrador Retriever. I truly believe that dogs pick you and you can have a deep emotional bond that can last a lifetime. I also believe that dogs can be sent to you to help you along your path in life, in this case Puck was sent to me. We had no intentions on getting a new dog, after our Brittany Spaniel past away in 2018 after having her for 12 years. Puck was born two days after we buried our son in 2019.   We took him home on the day that would have been my son’s 15th birthday.

Puck is large dog and weighs 107 pounds, our vet says he’s 25% bigger than a normal Labrador. I say that is due to fact that my emotion need for him was so great that he had to grow so large to carry this load. I think emotional support animals get a bad reputation since people try use this label for any type of animal, but I do think dogs can play a significant emotional role in peoples’ lives. He did in mine! He is my constant companion where I go. He loves trail running, hiking to peaks, swimming in rivers (river rafting – not so much), spooning on our couch and our daily walks. I also call him Mr. Wiggles, since he loves to wiggle his butt when he’s happy to see you. He is also very giving, he loves to give things to people when they come to our house.

-Teri Paskvan, Accounting


This is Doobie (Doobie Brothers). He'll be 11 in October, but still acts like a puppy. He was born in Utah, but soon after moved with us to Washington where he spent as much time as he could swimming in Lake Washington. After a few years it was then back to Utah where he quickly got back to his roots of long mountain hikes and romping in the snow. Then it was on to Arizona where he lived out some of his retirement years swimming in his very own pool. And now we’re back in Utah again, where he finally has his own big, grassy backyard to run around and dig holes in. His favorite thing in the entire world is food, specifically full loaves of bread stolen from the counter. He’s scared of the smell of leather, skis, and the sound your phone makes when you get a new text. He’s much more gifted in the looks department than the brains, but we love him anyway!

- Abbie Brothers, Human Resources


Finnegan is a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel who still acts like a puppy and is called by more nicknames than his actual name (Ex. Finny, Mr. Wiggles, Wiggly Butt, Finn, Schnoof, Booger). He loves to go trail running, camping, hiking, or anything that gives him the chance to chase squirrels! Finnegan won’t go anywhere without his tennis ball, or his wiggly butt! He is often described as majestic as he runs towards you with his ears blowing in the wind. When it comes to cuddling; Finnegan loves to curl up in a ball and form his body to your chest, so he’s always the little spoon! He also is a very vocal dog, he loves to make sure all the other dogs know he’s coming when we take walks in the neighborhood and loves to say hi to his friendly neighborhood dogs before we make it to the park to play fetch! Finnegan is the perfect amount of loving and playful and will never say no to an adventure!

- Emily Trombly, Marketing


Gimli is an English Mastiff, French Mastiff, & American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He is happiest lounging in the garden, chasing off any pigeons brave enough to visit or snoozing on the couch with his family. Gimli just recently turned 1 and weighs just over 85 lbs.

- Fletcher Weisel, Warehouse

August 25, 2021
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