We are proud to unveil the newest gear from Edelweiss.
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The Edelweiss Spirit ARC 8.8 mm rope is the perfect tool to reach ambitious climbing goals. This thin single rope combines an ultralightweight and a thick/durable sheath. In fact, the rope is compact and strong, the best of 2 worlds. The Spirit range is the combination of classic braiding, waterproofing, and Unicore working together for optimal performance, and is also certified as a half rope to be used in all mountaineering activities. The Everdry version has a treatment applied to all fibers of the sheath to limit the consequences of humidity, rain, or ice on the rope. The heaviness and stiffening of the rope are substantially reduced by Everdry. The Supereverdry version has a treatment applied to both sheath and core to eliminate water absorption when you're climbing ice, and it adds abrasion resistance when you're climbing over sharp edges.

  • Bi-pattern for easy half-rope indication
  • Weight: 51 g/m
  • Impact force: 8kN Single, 6kN Half
  • UIAA falls: 5 Single, 18 Half
  • UC = Unicore Process
  • ED = Everdry
  • SE = Supereverdry
  • UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Supereverdry
  • PFAS-free
  • CE and UIAA Certified - Single and Half


Your project's not going to finally send itself while you're on the couch, so tie into the superlight Edelweiss Energy ARC 9.5mm climbing rope and go pull down. At just 58g per meter, the Energy won't weigh you down, but it might be the difference between sticking that desperate move or peeling off the wall for the umpteenth time. If you do go for a ride, the Perform 3 technology gives you a super-soft catch, while the HD Cover provides exceptionally smooth braking and rope handling for your belayer and easy clips for you. Edelweiss gave the Energy a bi-pattern ARC braid, too, so you'll always know where the midpoint is when you're hitting those rope-stretching crags.

  • Static Elongation: 10%
  • Dynamic Elongation: 37%
  • Impact Force: 8.1 kN
  • UIAA Falls: 7
  • Bi-Pattern: Yes, ARC Braiding
  • Sheath Construction: HD Cover (high-definition braiding)
  • Rope Weight: 58 grams per meter
  • Certifications: CE, EN, UIAA


The Edelweiss Performance 9.2mm is a hybrid rope that synthesizes the extreme needs of serious climbers. The Performance is a certified Single, Half, and Twin rope. The Everdry treatment makes this rope water and abrasion-resistant, extending the life of the rope. Sport, trad, ice, and alpine climbers call on the Performance when every ounce counts, and the slightest bit of rope drag can mean the difference between success and failure on the sharp end. The Performance is an ultra-lightweight rope designed for those who want to take their climbing to the next level.

  • Weight: 52 g/m
  • Single - Impact force: 8.2kN, UIAA falls: 5
  • Half - Impact force: 6.0kN, UIAA falls: 20
  • Twin - Impact force: 9.5kN, UIAA falls: 25
  • UC = Unicore Process
  • ED = Everdry
  • SE = Supereverdry
  • UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Supereverdry
  • Mid Rope Indicator
  • PFAS-free
  • CE and UIAA Certified - Single, Half and Twin


The Edelweiss O-Flex has a high tech core specially designed for intensive use: gym climbing, top-roping, route working. The core cables are wound together in a helix pattern to form a core that retains the ropes roundness better than traditional climbing ropes. This is important to rope longevity in climbing environments where top-rope is the norm. Super smooth HD sheath weave reduces rope drag and increases rope life.

  • Weight: 65 g/m
  • Impact force: 8.2kN
  • UIAA falls: 8
  • PFAS-free
  • CE and UIAA Certified - Single Rope
  • Available in red, purple, yellow, and blue

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