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A trusted companion to your everyday adventures, Nalgene products are born from science & made in the USA since 1949.

The Legendary Classics

32oz Wide Mouth & 32oz Narrow Mouth Bottles

32oz Wide Mouth

First, let’s look at the iconic 32oz Wide Mouth bottle. The Original. The trailblazer. The Sir Edmund of water bottles. If you’re looking for a water bottle that will keep you well hydrated, hold up against bangs, bumps, and drops, and not leak a single drop ever, then the iconic 32-ounce wide mouth is your water bottle. There’s a reason why they haven’t changed its design in decades—because it works (extremely well). The Wide Mouth also comes in 16oz (1 pint) and 48oz (3 pints).

32oz Narrow Mouth

The Wide Mouth may be the King, but his brother the 32oz Narrow Mouth is certainly no slouch. This is the “water drinker’s water bottle.” Thanks to the smaller opening of the Narrow Mouth less water can rush out, making it easier to chug mindlessly. Everything else about the Narrow Mouth is like its Wide Mouth compatriot, so you get all the durability and no-leak peace of mind but without the stress of a mess. Just note that no ice cubes or lemon wedges are getting in here, so if you prefer more than water in your water bottle, check out the Wide Mouth bottles. There’s no 48oz version (at least not yet) but you’ll also be pleased to know that a 16oz version is an option for those looking to take up less space or save on weight.

In addition to the classic Wide and Narrow Mouth Nalgenes we have all come to know and love, they do have multiple other great bottle options such as the Atlantis, MultiDrink, On-The-Fly, On-The-Go, Oasis, N-Gen, and two types of Fitness bottles. Let’s start with the latter.

22oz Draft Bottle

The Fitness line currently consists of two styles, the Draft and the ATB. The 22oz Draft bottle is a squeezable sports water bottle designed for your physical pursuits. It comes in just the one size and is the perfect bottle that fits bike cages, exercise machines, and backpack pockets. No fussy top to pull or bite - simply squeeze and the water comes out of the self-sealing valve. Twist the top and the Draft becomes totally leak-proof so you can toss it in your gym bag without soaking your gear.

22oz ATB

The 22oz ATB (or All-Terrain Bottle) is a squeezable sports water bottle designed for your physical pursuits. The lid is a snap-lock cover that keeps your mouthpiece clean and protected from splatter, spray, dirt, and germs. The covering flips back with one finger so you can quickly drink to your heart’s content. A larger size of 32oz is available if fewer refills on the go is what you’re looking for.

24oz N-Gen

Nalgene’s 24oz N-Gen bottle (aka the Next Generation) has a slim, graduated profile that makes it easy and comfortable to hold, while its extra-rugged co-polyester material stands up to extremes of all kinds. Its detached cap features a handy loop that's easily grabbed by fingers, carabiners, or backpack clips.

32oz Oasis

Meet the 32oz Oasis, where tenacity meets capacity. The old camping canteen had some work done – and Nalgene was the plastic surgeon. This rugged, modern trail companion holds an impressive 32 ounces of water and its slim design makes it ultra portable. Plus, it’s semi-translucent so you can see if the inside is clean and know how much water you have before you reach your next refilling station.

24oz Everyday OTG

Active folks all over have come to know and love Nalgene’s 24oz On the Go (OTG) collection. This bottle features one-handed operation so you can pop the top and take a drink without letting go of your momentum... or anything else for that matter. It’s equally at home in a bike cage, car cup holder, or on your desk.

24oz On the Fly

If you’re a fan of the On the Go bottle then you’re also going to love the 24oz On the Fly (OTF). This bottle incorporates a leak-proof, looped top that swings open wide to reveal a contoured, high-flow drinking spout that's easy to fill at the fountain or sink. The push-button release for the lid is operated with one hand for easy opening and closing and a locking bail snaps down over the release button for the ultimate insurance against leaks.

Multi-Drink 20oz

The 20oz MultiDrink is quite possibly Nalgene’s most versatile bottle. It offers two different ways to drink. A straw pivots out for easy sips, or just unscrew the cap for big gulps. Remove the whole lid for easy cleaning or filling with ice.

20oz Atlantis

The 20oz Atlantis utilizes the same one-handed push button lid with locking capability as the On the Fly bottle, but pairs it up with a smaller capacity and different colorways. Think MultiDrink bottle meets OTF lid.

Photo: Courtesy of Nalgene

From ionic to iconic: The story of Nalgene

Science with a Twist did a great podcast about the story of Nalgene bottles. If you're a fan of these iconic water bottles that have become a staple of the outdoor community then you should probably give this a listen!

Photo: Courtesy of Nalgene

2.5 million plastic bottles are trashed hourly in the United States

Use a Nalgene bottle instead of a disposable bottle and in 1 year you’ll save 167 bottles from landfills. Most Nalgene bottles are made from Tritan, a BPA-free, #7 recyclable plastic that is safe, durable, and made in the USA. Almost all of the materials and manufacturing of Nalgene’s bottles and containers happened right here in the USA as well, minimizing Nalgene’s carbon footprint.

20 Uses for a Nalgene

Single-use water bottles are not only wasteful and bad for the environment, but they are also just that- single use. Recently, we asked our employees to come up with a list of uses they have for a reusable Nalgene bottle aside from just drinking out of it. We received a ton of answers and some of them were pretty out there (seriously, our employees have done some weird things with Nalgenes). Without further ado, here is our list of the 20 best uses we received.

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