We are proud to unveil the newest items from Trangia.
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This limited-edition stove is redesigned in a sleek red color, with the same quality, durability, and reliability as other Trangia stoves. With its modern design, this stove combine functionality with that little extra, making it a true collector’s item. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of outdoor cooking history.



Pot Micro 0.5 L is the basic version of the T-cup, with level grading and without handle. A small saucepan for the lightweight enthusiast who wants to use his favorite pot together with the original Trangia handle. Use on any heat source. Weighs 60 grams.

  • Ultralight aluminium
  • Work both as cookware and mug 
  • Level grading in ml
  • Our smallest pot, 0.5L


T-Cup Red – Mug, cup, saucepan – A lightweight multi-function mug with classic Trangia shapes. T-Cup is a new lightweight multifunction mug with classic Trangia shapes. The bottom has a recessed surface to make it extra stable when used together with our Trangia Mini or Triangle stove. With its 0.5 Liters, the T-Cup is the optimal size for one-person portions and the level markings make measuring easy. The folding handle makes it compact to store and easy to handle when you use it for cooking. Made from our durable Ultralight aluminum and is designed to function as both a mug and a pot. Keep plastic handle away from direct flame. Weighs 83 grams.

  • Ultralight aluminium
  • Work both as cookware and mug
  • Level grading in ml
  • Detachable handle


Trangia Micro Light is our smallest and lightest stove. A complete set that holds 0.5 liters and combines lightweight, functionality, and convenience. The set includes the T-Cup, a lid, foldable handle, windshield, and a gel burner. It is the ultimate solution for preparing a quick lunch to share with a friend or for the solo adventurer. Packed up, all parts nests in the T-Cup and the handle snaps smoothly over the lid. Keep plastic handle away from direct flame. Weighs 188 grams.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Level markings in ml
  • Perfect for solo hiker , 1-2 persons



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