Welcome to Liberty Mountain

Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of technical outdoor products and climbing gear in the U.S. In other words, Liberty Mountain is the one-stop-shop with everything for the outdoors for your outdoor gear store. Instead of contacting, ordering, and managing numerous accounts with various manufacturers to fulfill the store's inventory list, you can simply place your orders--via phone, email, or website--with Liberty Mountain to get shipments that consist of countless brands and products.

New Items

Liberty Mountain Trash Collection Initiative

This is the Liberty Mountain Trash Cylinder Mountainous Trashicus. While it is indigenous to the warehouse area of Liberty Mountain’s Utah headquarters, its diet consists of trash from all outdoor regions including local canyons, parking lots, and exotic snacks brought to it by employees and friends from across the U.S.


Nolan Paini Employee Spotlight

Nolan Paini is the buying manager at Liberty Mountain. He oversees the buying of all non-climbing products and manages our team of five buyers who work with vendors to find products that are appealing to our customers.


The Dogs Of Liberty Mountain

We love pets at Liberty Mountain, so to celebrate National Dog Day we're going to share with you a few of our furry friends for your viewing pleasure. So, here they are. Happy to meet you, the dogs of Liberty Mountain!