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Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of technical outdoor products and climbing gear in the U.S. In other words, Liberty Mountain is the one-stop-shop with everything for the outdoors for your outdoor gear store. Instead of contacting, ordering, and managing numerous accounts with various manufacturers to fulfill the store's inventory list, you can simply place your orders--via phone, email, or website--with Liberty Mountain to get shipments that consist of countless brands and products.

New Items

A Week as an Adventure Photographer

As an adventure photographer, you don’t have the luxury of a studio where you can keep all your gear in one place and move the subject to you. You are constantly traveling to locations and your gear has to come with you. The LowePro PhotoSport III is an adventure photographer's camera bag.


Employee Spotlight - Pete Wangsgard

Pete started with Liberty Mountain in 2002 as the warehouse manager. He worked in that role for a few years until the summer of 2004 when Liberty Mountain expanded their building. In the new space, they found room to create an outlet where products that were sitting on the shelves too long could be sold to those in the local community. Since Pete had previous retail management experience, he took up the reigns on this new department and position.



Alan Rousseau's Alaska 2021

Spring of 2021 was my longest trip to Alaska and definitely the most productive of my 13 trips into the range.  The plans for it started to get hashed out in October of 2019.  I’ll give you all one guess why the trips did not happen in spring of 2020.  At least the silver lining was it allowed another year of structured training to prepare.